Break Up Help – The Initial Phase

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Looking for the right advice and break up help to make your pain go away? You need to wake up to the fact that you deserve to be happy. Not happy with your ex, but happy with yourself. This article will be your guide to Break Up help and get you through the tough roads ahead. How can you truly give your love to someone, unless you truly love yourself? We will cover how to rediscover the joys of doing things for yourself.

Break Up Help: First things first, watch out for depression. We all have felt how you are right now, in anguish and pain. You feel lost and unloved. Rejected like the plaque. Don’t worry. You’re only human. We all have to face loss at one time or another. You may have the urge to hang you head low. Fine, you are allowed to grieve at your loss. But don’t fret, as you just gave yourself the green light to start doing things for yourself. We all don’t want to feel like we are alone in the world that’s why YOU are the most important person to YOU right now. You must realize that your happiness is not based on your ex but should and will be coming from yourself.  YOU are solely responsible for your OWN happiness. You, yes you deserve to be happy.

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Now, the stages of the breakup vary from person to person, but it is a process. Note, time can either be a friend or a foe. Its up to you to decide what kind of relationship you will have. Things don’t seem as they are. Time moves slowly and drags on, minute by minute. It’s up to you how you fill your time each day. Don’t worry, what you must remember is, DO EXACTLY OPPOSITE what you feel like doing. If you feel like sleeping in, don’t. Go out and get some air.

Break Up Help #1: If you feel like checking your email to see if your ex emailed you, don’t. Waiting around for your ex, at their beckon call will make you slave to your daydreaming that your ex will come to their senses. You must stop and take things step by step.

Break Up Help #2: You wonder if you should call your ex. Don’t. This can be very hard in the beginning. You MUST fight all urges to call your ex. You are asking for trouble. Allow yourself a clean break and time to grieve. Calling will just prolong the pain. This is totally counter-intutive, but its the TRUTH.

Break Up Help #3: Should you text your ex? Don’t. What you should do is treat yourself like you’re on top of the world. If you can fake it. Great. Your mind will follow in suit. You just need to give it some suggestions.

Everything outlined is easier said than done. In fact, we all have tried some crazy ideas to convince ourselves that we are doing the right thing to get our ex back. You must remember, you are not thinking straight. You are EMOTIONAL and just want things to return to normal. So, vent and voice your feelings to a friend or family member, they can help release some tension and anxiety your have having right now. The best thing for you is to help you get yourself back in shape. Emotionally, physically and mentally, it may take weeks and even months. But you will get there.

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