Does Your Ex Have Feelings For You?

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You may be wondering if your ex misses you or does your ex have feelings for you. Breakups are hard on both side of the breakup. Both the person wanting the breakup usually thinks about the breakup long and keeps on thinking the best time to do it. While on the receiving end, it’s a shock and pain of being rejected out right. Especially if you are replace so soon after the breakup. This article will explore your question of does my ex have feelings for me?

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Does Your Ex Have Feelings For You? The short answer is yes.

They do have feeling for you but you have to keep in mind what are these feelings. Human nature prevails when it comes to psychological triggers of attraction and courtship. It’s a game of hide and seek. It’s the mystery of want what you cant have. So, you need to access the situation on how you left your last impression on your ex when you two broke up.

There are two sides of the coin if your ex have feelings for you.

You could have either left a good impression or a bad impression. We will review both of these. When it comes to feelings, they run deep and songs can set off memories or scents that make you remember the other person. Its not easy to forget about someone who you share a lot of important memories. Would it be nice if we really could erase our past just like in the movie? “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind?” However, in reality, memories are what make us who we are.

When dealing with a breakup, its best if you try your best to keep you sanity and composure. No one wants a stalker or a nagger. The best thing to do is to be pleasant and just be who you are without all the cyber stalking or texting. Leaving without a trace will be better even though it’s hard to do. It’s the best thing since your ex will wonder what happened to you. You will not seem desperate or needy.


Ask any guy or girl and desperation is the worst thing you can show to your ex. Simply put, you will appear pitiful and will ruin all your chances to the possibility of getting back together in the future. If you did beg or plead at the end, don’t contact your ex to apologize for the freaky behavior. Just do the fade away and don’t contact them. Let some time pass for you to recover and for them to possibly miss you.

I’ve Been Replaced!

If your ex is dating someone else, and you are replaced, don’t worry. Its human nature to think that, the grass is greener on the other side. Sometimes its not, so you have to appear calm, cool and collected. For you ex to cultivate positive feelings towards you, you have to be genuinely positive yourself. People are naturally attracted to positive people. And you WILL gain points the sooner you get yourself back together. You had a life before your ex and life will go on.

Right now you need to know that the best way to get your ex to have feelings for you is to make yourself the best person you can be. Trust me, the rest will fall into place. Good luck and be sure to read more about how to deal with your ex and be the winner despite your pain of the breakup.

Click Here for Guide to Reading Your Ex’s Feelings

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