How To Call Your Ex

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Click Here to Get Your Ex to Take Your Call

When the breakup is rough, it can be hard for both the man and the woman. If you want to win your ex back, you will have to call your ex. However, you should not do it sooner. The best time to make the call is when you already have a carefully thought out strategy. You will have to wait until the situation cools down a little.

Timing the call is vital. When the dust has settled, it’s time to make the phone call. During emotional extremes, it is not advisable to talk. When people are upset, it’s much harder to keep thoughts straight.

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The situation can vary and if you rush out things, making amends can be harder. While you’re waiting for the right time, you can plan out your actions. Since the other person won’t be able to see you when you call, you can make notes. Highlight the important things that you want to say. The opening line is the hardest and you should practice it. You will need to anticipate the answers and be ready with your rebuttals. You have to be prepared for the tough questions and the answers can be on the notes you make.

Always think positive. When your mindset is positive, you can deal with things properly. This is similar to making a sales pitch. As you speak, you have to do it with confidence and with positive demeanor. Never sound depressed when you make the call and worse, don’t cry. If you do, you’re trying to make the other person feel sorry. You will look pathetic and your ex will want to move away.

A single phone call will not work all the time. You’re lucky if it does but if things don’t turn the way you expect it, you have to give your ex more time. Rebuilding lost passion and trust can be hard. The only way to establish communication is to call your ex. You have to impress your ex with good actions and words. Perfect timing is the key to successfully winning your ex. Never rush things because you will not get the best results.

How to call your ex? Follow these tips –

  • Give your ex some time, perhaps a couple of days.
  • Take down notes and try to practice the things you want to say in front of the mirror.
  • Make the call and make sure that you sound confident (not problematic).
  • Start with a light conversation and don’t make it too personal.
  • You have to arrange with a personal meeting to talk things over.

Never talk serious matters over the phone. It would be best to make casual calls and when you feel that your ex is ready, you can now ask for a casual date. When you’re face to face with each other, you can now discuss about what happened to your relationship. If you can win your ex back, you have to value the second chance. Make the relationship more worthwhile and learn from past mistakes.

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