How to Deal with a Break Up


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Dealing with breakup is tough. In fact, it may seem impossible to recover at the time of the breakup. Your world is empty and you have no answers for yourself. Learning how to deal with e break up is hard especially if the break up was unexpected. In fact, a perfectly natural reaction is to panic and beg and plead to your ex for a second chance, only to be faced with more rejection and pain. This article will outline of the things you should keep in mind when trying to deal with a breakup. Some of these things may seem opposite to logic but right now nothing is logical.

How to Deal with a Break Up: Shock and Awe

The first stage in your breakup is denial and panic. I can admit to you that I have paniced myself and begged for my ex to take me back. Asking over and over again, what I can do to change. I had promised over and over, repeating to my ex, I can change, whatever is needed for everything to return to normal. You see, we all do this at one time or another. But what you need to know is that all this pain and emptiness IS temporary and will pass if you can just realize that we all have this right of passage with our breakup and heartaches.

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I know right now, talk is cheap and you don’t want to hear all this positive talk that life will get better. But the fact is IT DOES. You just need to be proactive on the recovery stages. You may still be in shock and awe and have deep urges to contact your ex. Please don’t. As painful as it seems, contacting your ex will just prolong your pain and send you back to stage one. I can recall a personal story where, I hadn’t talked to my ex in one month and thought that I was doing fine. I decided that I should call her up and just “check up” on them. Bad news! After the long and AWKWARD conversation, it was obvious that I was NOT over her yet.

After, I felt myself falling back into stage one with feelings of rejection and hurt AGAIN! If you found yourself in that situation, don’t worry you can just pick up where you left off and know a valuable lesson. The no-contact rule.

How to Deal with a Break Up: The #1 Rule for Recovery

Many friends and family members tell me that the no-contact rule applies and should be taken seriously. It’s one of the hardest steps to accomplish but you HAVE TO adhere to it. Its really the best advice. You have to pluck yourself away from normally having that person in your life and avoid thinking about them. This is part of your moving on and living life concept. That means, no cyber stalking, no calls, no texts, no checking up on there myspace and facebook pages. It was ONE of the hardest things to do and it WILL CONSUME you if you are not careful.

How to Deal with a Break Up and Your Urges

How do you implement the no-contact rule? You have to delete your phone number and email contact. I had my phone SIMM changed and have a friend to turn to every time I had the urge to call. I would be accountable to them if I have wanted to call. In doing so, they would remind me of all the pain I had endured and how much progress I had already made. So, you need your contact person to turn to. This is a must. This has helped me avoid the embarrassment of contacting my ex.

How to Deal with a Break Up and Get On with Your Life

These tips above are some simple things to consider when dealing with a breakup. You have to know that loving yourself is the best form of recovery. You need to feel free from the old chain and emotions (negative) to start giving yourself credit. How can you give you love to someone, if you don’t truly love yourself.

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