How to Make Ex Jealous

Click Here for THE BEST Guide to Making Your Ex Jealous

Click Here for THE BEST Guide to Making Your Ex Jealous

So you want sweet, sweet revenge, ey? Learning how to make and ex jealous is a bit immature but this article will show you some way you can bring out the green eyes monster to the person you broke your heart. I don’t condone all of these tactics but I do agree that having control of your life is the best form of revenge.

How to Make Ex Jealous – Step One: Live Life and Be Happy WITHOUT Them

Your ex doesn’t deserve to have your life revolve around them. In fact, you should be thankful that you don’t have that type of person around you. Being independent and happy is the best form of rejection to your ex. He or she will wonder if you miss them and if they are still important to you. Most people when they are dumped, act desperate and sometimes beg and plead for their ex to take them back. That’s a typical response and you will get a typical reply. You’ll be pathetic. Don’t do it.

Click Here to THE Best Guide to Make Your Ex Jealous

Go out with friends; update your facebook and myspace page showing you are getting find without them. Being happy and showing that you life goes one, fun and exciting will get your ex’s blood boiling. Of course there are some lingering feelings that your ex misses you but stay strong and forge ahead.

How to Make Ex Jealous – Step Two: Look Your Best and Exercise

Most people want to be around successful and sharp individuals. You will need to start getting back into shape. It will show to your ex that you are improving yourself and moving on with a great life. Also, exercise has been shown to improve your positive mood and blood flow for increased energy. Don’t let yourself go and hide away in the dark corners of your broken heart. Mend it by keeping yourself clean and fresh. Be sure to moisturize and get enough sleep. It will help keep you in check and healthy. Shave, shower and get enough rest to help you stay positive through these trying times.

Now before you complain that this article is going to turn you into a metrosexual, stop. We are just going to review a few point to know to getting your ex jealous.

Part II: Get Back Your Ex and Jealous

Click Here to THE Best Guide to Make Your Ex Jealous

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