How to Stop a Break Up

Click Here to STOP a Break Up Before Its Too Late!

Click Here to STOP a Break Up Before Its Too Late!

Breakups happen all the time. No relationship is perfect and when there come the talk of a break up. It usually means that one side is not getting what was expected from the relationship. You can learn how to stop a breakup by following the simple step outlined in this article. Its not rocket science but it will take a little finess to work your way back into your ex’s arms.

When your ex wanted to have that “talk” to need to understand they are reaching out to you to tell you what the problem is. Here your only goal is to listen. You have to listen carefully to what is being said to you as it will help you understand how to stop your breakup and get your ex back. Right now, your brain want to have your rebuttal on this or that. But you MUST do you best to listen to why your ex is considering a breakup. It can be many reasons, but just make a mental note of them for future reference. This will be the key to correcting issues in your relationship and getting things back in order.

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Do NOT argue or confront the person with your feelings just yet.

You need to have an open line of communication first. Have your ex, understand that you can see their side. Having them put up their defenses will NOT help you stop the breakup. If you do want to say something, try to say it objectively and not to have your emotional side take over the conversation.

How to Stop a Break Up Tip#1: Do NOT beg or cry to them.

Asking for forgiveness or that you will get a second chance, promising that you will change. This technique might have worked for you in the past or in the previous breakups but it just won’t be a long lasting fix. To fix this situation, you need to act rationally and a bit detached. As a reminder, just try your best to listen to what your ex has to say.

How to Stop a Break Up Tip#1: Give them space.

Yes, if they ask for space. Give it. Don’t linger at the fact that you do things for them and worry about how they will be able to cope with you not around. They decided this breakup. Just give them that. Of course you will be missing them. Its natural to miss them. Don’t worry its been shown that for every time you miss them, they will be missing you. Remember, emotions are still running high and unless your ex is heartless, they too will feel your absense.

How to Stop a Break Up Tip#1: Be Amicable.

Even though you may be angry. Spreading gossip and malice to your ex will NOT help patch things up or stop a breakup. This is critical time to keep certain things about your ex to yourself and close friends. Don’t bring up bad habits or incidences of your ex to your family. I know first hand that , that will definitely leave a mark and dark cloud hanging over if you do get back together and patch things up. Just remember the good times, and focus on yourself. This is the time to recover and heal your broken heart.

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