How to Stop a Breakup and Fix Your Relationship

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Click Here to Fix Your Relationship

So you want to learn how to stop a breakup? We’ve all been there at one time or another, the dreaded “let’s talk” conversation. It goes something like, I think its not working anymore, I need some time, I need space, its not YOU its ME!? No matter how you put it, breakups hurt. Especially if you are the one being dumped. Well, this article will outline some things you CAN do to stop a breakup.

How to Stop a Break Up Tip#1: Be Open to Criticism

First of all, you have to be open to the idea that your communication skills in your relationship have dwindled and your partner sees reasons to part ways. Even though it may be your fault, (a.k.a. cheating), it is still possible to stop the break up. And if you had no clue why the breakup happened, you can still get useful advice from this. After the honeymoon is over, your partner sees things differently, you need to find out and understand why.

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How to Stop a Break Up Tip#2: Identify Issues

This leads us to Identifying reasons for the breakup. Most breakup are salvageable but most people either mess up their chances or ask too desperate to the situation. You need to be clear that you have a clear goal of setting yourself up for the best chances for success in stopping a breakup. IF you have that TALK, try to ask why things have gone this way. Was it a growth or commitment issue? Financial or Emotional detachment? Its VERY important you get as much out of your talk as possible. It will help set up your opening move later. She may say a few things, just let her talk and open your ear to hear everything she wants to say. Don’t get defensive or aggressive, just listen. Self restraint is needed here.

Also, you should listen and look at yourself and see if there are things that you have either missed or neglected. Women are keen on things that have the tiniest details. Make note of that.

How to Stop a Break Up Tip#3: Respect the Space

Now, calmly agree to the BREAK UP. Yes, AGREE to the breakup. Although your intention is to stop it. This signifies that you can understand your partners feelings and let them cope with what they want. Don’t show that you are angry or hurt. Just tell them that you will be around if they need you. Plain and simple.

Now, more importantly, WRITE DOWN the things that were expressed. Shortcomings and disappointments in the relationship. Next, write next to each item, an action plan to correct the situation. You don’t have to do everything. In fact, it important to keep your cool before any opening move. Its about being objective with the situation.

How to Stop a Break Up Tip#4: Make the Necessary Changes

You should review each and everyday the things that you need to do to correct the situation. Studies have shown that people who review and write down their priorities have a higher success rate than those who don’t write things down. Now is the time to make the necessary adjustments to make you and your partner happy again.

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