How to Tell If Your Ex Still Cares

Click Here to Rekindle Your Relationship

Click Here to Rekindle Your Relationship

Sometimes when a breakup happens, the one who decided to breakup can have second thoughts. This article will uncover how to tell if your ex still cares. With any relationship, it’s full of love and happy moments. And with that, it can come to an abrupt halt. If you are wondering if your ex misses you or still cares about you, you have come to right place.

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Feelings, These Dang, Sucky Feelings!

The first thing to note is that if YOU are missing them or still care, there is a good chance that they are missing you. At least think about you from time to time. However, if you broke up in a negative manner and made it hard during your breakup, your chances of that are much less. But humans are emotional creatures and we can reminisce on happier times. My older brother gave me good advice, for every time you are thinking of them, they are thinking of you.

I’ve never met someone that can turn off his or her emotions like a faucet. Breaking up is a very hard decision to do, and there can be doubts in the person who made that decision. If you were amicable during the breakup, you still have a chance to get back together.

How to Tell If Your Ex Still Cares Hint # 1: I Just Called To Say…

Secondly, did they greet you on your birthday or on a holiday? There is a very good chance that your ex still cares and is thinking about you. If ever you are confronted with this contact, keep it short and typical answers. Don’t embellish too much and keep it to like 30seconds to a minute. Why so short? You WILL appear busy and plant a seed of curiosity in your ex’s mind. They will be wondering why you are so busy and all. However, this does not give you the go signal to start trying to contact you ex and start making moves.

It’s important that you keep your composure in this important time. Don’t think that you’re in the clear. You have to be very careful with your first opening move. Remember, you best chances are to play it cool in the initial stages.

How to Tell If Your Ex Still Cares Hint # 2: Single and Available?

When they ask you if you are dating someone. That question is a dead giveaway to fish for answers and to see if there is a possibility to you two of getting together. If you are dating someone, it will help draw your ex closer knowing that the window of opportunity of getting back together are closing. Don’t worry too much about it if you are not sure how to handle this question. Just keep your answer typical and brief. You can simply say you are meeting a lot of new people and made new friends.

How to Tell If Your Ex Still Cares Hint # 3: Can I Ask A Favor?

If you find that you ex is consistent contacting you here and there, asking for advice. You can assume that they miss you and miss you company. You have to be careful with this because you don’t want to end up in the “Friend” zone if your intentions are to possibly get back together.

These are the few signs and signal that your ex can display to try and catch you attention. These subtle behaviors indicate that you’re ex does still care and you still have a chance to rekindle your relationship. It’s all up to you. Just be sure not to mess if up as there are key steps to take to getting back together

Click here to the SIGNS that show that your ex still cares

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