I Need Space, What Does That Really Mean?

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When your girlfriend has that talk and tells you that I need space, what does she really mean? Break up! Break up! Break up runs through your mind!  What she really means is that she might feel smothered. You need to relax and take a step back to see if there is anything that you can do to help the situation. This article will cover some of the reasons that you should know about if she ever told you “ I need space.”

Women are very dynamic and emotional creatures.  They are always looking for something exciting and new to do. The “I need space” talk is a classic line. What it really means is that she is bored and unhappy.  Don’t take this as an insult; it’s the grim reality.   Despite what you may think is going on in your relationship; she has might have other plans.  If she requests time off or space, you need to give it. No question about it.

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Trying to ask and beg for answers will not help. In fact, it can lead to you being clingy and being annoying. What you need to do is agree to it and give her space. This might seem counter-intuitive but it’s exactly what are needs to reignite your sparks.

What you can also do is to not be so available. Meaning, your replies are delayed and you don’t return phone calls right away.  This is the only way to know if she really needs space or she’s thinking about moving on. Remember, it doesn’t mean that she wants a breakup. It can really mean that the spark is missing.

This is also a confusing time for her.   By you asking so many questions and demanding answers will not help clear the air. Many women feel that the spark is gone and the relationship is boring. She needs a challenge. When I say challenge, you need to be independent from each other. She needs to feel that you have your own life.

There may be other men involved that are trying to chase her.  Let it be.  You have more important things to do like getting your life back together. Even though you may feel that giving her space will risk losing her, he will help create some tension and let her miss you.

You need to create that spark again.  Don’t be desperate.  Don’t be annoying either. Women want men, so be a man. You need to chalk it up for a while and ease up on your relationship. This could also be a sign that your girlfriend has met someone else too. If this is the case, just excuse yourself and start doing things without your girlfriend. Life goes on and you need to jump on that bandwagon as soon as possible. You do not want to be on that sinking ship.

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