Should I Be Friends with an Ex?

Click Here If You Should Be Friends With Your Ex

Click Here If You Should Be Friends With Your Ex

“Let’s be friends.” After she just tore your heart out and smashed it into the ground.  Can you really be friends with your exgirlfriend? Should I Be Friends with an Ex? This article will look into the reason why she may want to remain friends and why you shouldn’t.

Your exgirlfriend might have a few reasons why she still wants to keep you as a friend.

What she means:

Friends with an Ex: Your exgirlfriend wants to be friends because it will make her life easier.

Selfish as it sounds but she may be keeping you labeled as a friend to avoid herself being demonized by you or your friends. Breakups are hard to do and inflicting this much pain on to you is tough.  By keeping you as a friend, it also makes this painful part of breaking up easier on her conscious. All with the lingering guilty feeling that she is crushing your poor soul into an oblivion.

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Friends with an Ex: Another reason why she might want to keep you as a friend is for backup reasons.

She may have met someone else or have some intension of  dating another persons but she is not 100% sure yet. This is unfair to you and will not help you recover from this breakup. She knows already that you care about her and she know basically everything she want to know about you. Sorry buddy, but its best to understand why being labeled a friend is a big no-no if you want to have a chance of recovering from this.

Friends with an Ex: She can also be the jealous type.

Keeping tabs on you will ensure that she will always know what you are thinking and your next move. If you intend to start recovering from your breakup, she’ll be the first to know if you’re dating someone else. At first you might think it’s a bad thing and that you are ruining your chances to get together. In fact you might be increasing your chances IF you do it the right way.

Should You Be Friends with Your Ex?

Initially you say to yourself, sure why not? You may think that this will enable you to have a second chance when your exgirlfriend magically realized her undying love for you. Sorry, but that’s not how it works. The best thing for you and the hardest thing to do is the CUT OFF ALL CONTACT. Yes, this will help draw the boundaries of what your breakup truly means. It will do a couple of helpful things. First, it will let her know that she can’t have what she wants. Second,  it will help you stop waiting and hoping that she’ll come around and chance her mind. Thirdly, you can still be friends LATER on, but just not now. If she requests you to still be friends, just let her know, when you are ready. This establishes that you are in control of your future and you are your own person.

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