Rebound Relationships

Click Here to Learn How to Start Dating Again

Click Here to Learn How to Start Dating Again

After any type of relationship breakup, you may be thinking how to get my ex back. That feeling of desperation of trying to restore your happiness and love fills up most of your day.  A rebound relationship is not an option right now. You day dream on way to win your ex’s heart back, but end up fumbling around to see some real results. Some of your close friends tell you that you should jump into a relationship because there are plenty of fish in the sea. In fact, there are. This article will cover the bases when it comes to rebounds and rebounding.

Click Here to Learn About Dating and Rebound Relationships

What exactly is a rebound anyways?

A rebound relationship is typically a short lived short term relationship that can help you get your mojo back. However, it may come with some consequences. We’ll get that later in the article. Right now, you are feeling the pain of being single again, and thoughts of patching up with your ex make you want to call her up and work it out.  But, if you have tried to do so, you might have been slapped with the ugly face of rejection.

Rebounds can help rebuild what was torn down and destroyed after the breakup. It really is just a distraction from the emotional pain you are feeling at the very moment.

Is it such a bad thing?

Technically, no. But you have to be aware that whether is a breakup or divorce, jumping in a new relationship CAN do wonders for your self esteem and confidence. It works. BUT you need to keep yourself in check. Polls have shown that rebound relationship are more about restoring the closeness than of the access to sex. It’s the bond of having someone close that draws us to get involved right away.

Things to Keep in Mind

Rebound are usually not permanent and can lead to some future issues.

Here are some issues to be aware of:

It’s temporary.
Sorry to say, that feeling of love and affection will fade away as soon as you no longer need that other person to fulfill your emotional wounds.

Over committing. You can find yourself getting deeper and deeper involved with a person that may not be 100% compatible with you. This is a real danger of getting involved too quickly.  Your love and happiness is blinded by sheer idealism. Remember to take it slow, or chill out a little. Your rosy colored glasses will need some cleaning.

Losing Your Identity. Just in any relationship, you need to continue to grow and most importantly, heal. Yes, you still need to heal from your breakup pain. Your rebound is only a bandaid to what you are truly feeling. As part of your recovery, don’t swep your issues under the rug. Face it and deal with it. You’ll be thankful in the future.

Rebounds can end very badly. This is common issue and it really isn’t fair to the other person. You need to be as upfront about it as possible. Feelings are feelings. No one wants to feel used. You need to be honest with yourself and your new partner that you are still dealing with the pain of the breakup. Just enjoy it while you can. Typically, you will have an urge to leave once you find your emotional stress and strain gone.

Your ex might get jealous. If your ex is jealous, don’t be so quick to jump back in with your ex. She may be just trying to sabotage your new found happiness. Only you will truly know what will make you happy. In the end, that’s the most important thing in life.

So, if you are thinking about dating again after your breakup, go ahead. There are more positive things than negative things with regards to rebounding. You owe it to yourself to get your mojo back.

Click Here to Learn About Dating and Rebound Relationships

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