Should I Call My Ex?

Click Here to Find Out IF You Should Call Your Ex

Click Here to Find Out IF You Should Call Your Ex

Getting over an ex is a tough challenge. Many start asking themselves “ Should I call my ex?” Calling your ex can be a good thinking IF you are ready to communicate. However, if you recently broke up and are wondering if you can salvage what you had with your ex. You are greatly mistaken. You need to understand the reasons why calling your ex would be a bad idea if you want to have a chance of getting back.

Help Me! Please, I Promise, I Swear, Please, Oh, Please!

Right now, you emotions are running high and you are not thinking straight. I understand that you feel very lonely and wish you had your ex to comfort you. If only. If only you call them up and spill your undying devotion to them. Sorry, but that’s not going to help get your ex back. The best thing to know is that you can call your ex when you are READY. Meaning you have a game plan and that you don’t have high expectations from any conversation you will have. Right now, you need time to heal and calling your ex will not help.

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The Jig is Up

If you call you ex, you will be pretending to yourself and showing your ex that you are not broken up. It is not a healthy way of dealing with your loss and breakup. Each time you contact or communication with you ex, you start right over and the pain will be as fresh as you first broke up.

Secondly, you DON”T want to sound desperate or pathetic. Groveling or begging your ex to talk to you will make you look like loser. Have some self respect. I know its tough love but its for the best. Women can smell desperation a mile away. What you do want is to have control of yourself and keep any contact short.

Just Like A Sad Little Puppy

You don’t want to randomly call them up and check up on them. You will seem desperate and you show that you are available on their beckon call. Create some distance by NOT calling and show her that you can get just fine without her. This will be one of you best chances of getting back if you show that you know life goes on. She will begin to wonder why you are NOT calling and what you are up to.

Stop Stalking

This brings us to another section. Contacting your ex. For the first month, you should delete their emails, phone number, instant messenger. Its hard but a clean break is a better one. I can tell you be experience that waiting and checking your phone, email, text for your ex to contact you is a waste of time. You will be better off. So, get one of your friends to help delete and clear off your contact list for your ex.

After the first month, you can start planning your first call. But you have to keep it short and keep it clear. Most importantly, don’t ask for a second chance, just feel the waters out.  Just by contacting them, already sends that signal that you are ok and moving on with things. You don’t want to rush into anything and make you appear desperate. Remember, the old you is why your ex broke up with you. You should be able to start growing from this.

Click Here for THE Best Guide to Avoid Phone Call Mistakes with Your Ex

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