Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

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Click Here to Find Out What Your Ex Is Thinking

So you are heart broken. Your Love is torn to pieces and you are upset. You wander aimlessly around hoping that your ex will change his or her mind. Here are some signs to look out for to see if your ex wants you back. This article is help reveal your ex’s true intentions with things to look out for to indicate they still want you back.

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back Hint# 1: Hello? Is Anyone There?

When your ex makes any type of contact, typically it’s a sign that they still care. If the contact seems out of the ordinary and not-obligatory, then you sure believe that your ex want to initiate conversation about the possibility of trying things out again. If they are flirt and touchy with you and in your personal space, it’s indicating that she is looking for that bond again.

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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back Hint# 2: Story Telling

Another sign that your ex wants you back is when she tell you about all the improvements they have done recently. Whether its joining a gym or a class, any type of improvement on their part is showing you that they are trying to impress upon you that they are changing and improving themselves. Also related to this is the dressing up and sexy to try and catch your attention. If you start talking to them, they make it clear that they are very nice and overly accommodating.

When you see this type of behavior, you can deduce that they are trying to make a sincere attempt to start patching things up. Even though things might have been rough during the breakup, your ex is trying to get past it and start making connection back with you. This is a good sign, but you have to be careful and not give in too much. You have to keep you ex wondering if there is still a chance. If you suddenly jump back and melt at their feet, you will just mess up your chances to build attraction back in your relationship.

igns Your Ex Wants You Back Hint# 3: Are You Dating Someone?

If your ex asks if you are dating someone, they are subtly asking if you’re available or not. You have to careful in answering this as to not give away too much with your answer. Just say, you are meeting a lot of new people and having fun. Now at this point, you don’t have to reciprocate the question. It’s best that you DON’T. Why? It will appear that you don’t care and it doesn’t matter if your ex is dating. Even though inside, you may dying to ask the question. The key is to keep cool and keep your answers typical. Don’t be cold but just be neutral. But if you have to ASK, How about you? Are you dating so and so? And your ex answers, they are not interested in new relationships and not dating anyone, it’s a clear indication that there is a possibility that your ex wants you back.

The best thing to know if you ex wants you back is your gut feeling. Now you shouldn’t jump into conclusions but if your ex consistently repeats any of the signs and is ultra nice and sweet to you, you can assume that there is a good chance that you will have an opportunity to try your relationship again. Do what you feel is RIGHT when YOU are ready? Be sure not to rush into your previous relationship as its all a growing process.

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