Stages of a Break Up

So you’ve been dumped! Panic! What just happened?!?!?

Best Get Your Ex Back Guide Well, when a breakup occurs and you’re the one being kicked to the curb, there are mixed feelings that seep in and can take you for a roller coaster ride. You WILL experience the following stages of a break up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an optimist, getting dumped is the pits, at least initially. Don’t worry, we’ll help layout things and point with the different feelings you should expect, even though you feel completely LOST right now!

Despite the lost feeling of helplessness, you still can slip back in the door of your lost loved one but you MUST be ready mentally and emotionally.

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Let’s review the typical response of the ‘Broken Hearted’:

Stages of a Break up: Denial

Yes, folks you deny the fact that this is happening to you. You tell yourself, there must be a mistake or a sick joke played upon you. You start debating with yourself that your ex will see the error in their ways and come crawling back to you. You try the silent treatment but day by day and hour by hour, its getting harder and harder to stop yourself from contacting your ex. After you realize that your ex isn’t coming running knocking at your door, you can transition to anger stage.

Stages of a Break up: Anger

You’re pissed. You’re down right livid of the situation. You tell yourself your ex is the demon from hell and deserves to burn. All the bad your ex has done to you, starts to fuel your anger and resentment that how dare they end the relationship. This power shift back to you is short lived as you begin to see that you won’t have that person in your life again. The good times and happy memories slowly creep in the mind and you may find yourself in the negotiation stage.

Stages of a Break up: Bargaining

You tell yourself. If they come back to you, you are willing to reconcile and work it out. That somehow, magically you will change, you can change into the loveable, irresistible person your ex will fall madly in love with. This is an important stage in terms of the chances of getting back with your ex. If you make a mistake in this stage you may lose your entire chance of pulling back your ex towards you, and driving them away completely.

Stages of a Break up: Depression

Yup folks. Sadness can sink in fast. Feeling down about the situation can always can come and go throughout the healing process. But its totally normal and you have to give yourself time to work itself out. Just like having a cold, you want to get well, but the body has its normal healing time to recover. The best thing you should do is surround yourself with your support, like friends and family. They are your allies to growing from your breakup.

Now, when you are able to reach the Acceptance stage, you are able to come to grips that your can get your ex back or you decide to move on. Its your choice. Don’t fall into the victim mentality since your ex doesn’t deserve that sort of recognition. You are not the victim but you can be a stronger person by taking responsibility for your own happiness.

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