Survive a Break Up

Click Here to Survive a Breakup Now!

Click Here to Survive a Breakup Now!

Breaking up HURTS!

Yes, we’ve all been there. It’ the “we need to talk” conversation that end with your heart getting crushed. You try to pretend that its not happening like it’s a cruel joke someone is playing on you. But the true starts to sink in and the pain of emptiness starts flooding every cell of your body. To survive a breakup there are many ways to handle it. However, if you want the best chances to get you ex back and or come out a better person please read on and this article will help strategize you winning the war of a broken heart.

As a good soldier, to win this war you have to follow these steps without question. Although you may find it difficult to follow logically, you have to fight past your tears and push ahead. Pain and sadness will constantly be at your side, but they are ONLY temporary. I don’t care how much you love your ex or how much they meant to you, you WILL forge ahead with or without them. It will be your choosing.

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Survive a Break up: Rule number One – Don’t Beg.

No matter how much you want to spill you guts and want show your devotion to your ex. DON’T! It’s hard enough trying to come up with the courage for your ex to break up with you. Don’t be a wussy or show your ex that they have the power over you. Its not being mean, its actually showing confidence that you have some dignity over your self. Be a man for goodness sake and stand up for yourself. However, if you cheated, this technique can work but only if used properly.

Survive a Break up: Rule number Two – Make some changes in your life.

Yes, you have to get up and move your body. You have to embrace people and opportunities out there. Naturally you want to hide out in your room. Stay secluded all alone and ponder thinking about the “good” times and good memories. Remember, the past doesn’t define your future. It’s hard as nails to get yourself motivated. But don’t question. JUST DO IT! Do something, anything! It’s about getting your body to move. It gets the blood flowing to your brain and away from your broken heart. Take a trip, join a group, go out and experience something NEW.

Some changes that you might want to start considering is. Eating right and exercising. Nutrition and physical activity can help boost your mood as much as taking anti-depressants. Yes, this is true. Your body released endorphins and helps boost your overall state of being.  Sleeping is also important with a breakup. You will need enough sleep to give you body the rest it needs. But over sleeping is a sign of depression, just be aware of the number of hours. If you can’t sleep, exercise will help you regulate your sleep. Just be sure you don’t exercise 3 hours before your bedtime, as it will tend to keep you awake in the middle of the night.

Survive a Break up: Rule Number Three – Start dating.

Yes, people. Start meeting new people. It’s not about cheating or ruining your chances with getting back your ex. In fact it might help. Meeting new people, even though just as friends can help take your mind off of your ex. Plus, its not about the other fish in the sea right now, its about you getting your fins wet. It’s been too long and just has fun the best way you can. It’s a process and there is nothing wrong with just going out and having fun. Remember, the end result is for you to just meet new people. You are NOT looking to get involved just yet.

With these top three survival tips for your dreaded breakup, you can slowly start making your advances to come out of this unscathed. Better, stronger and more confident. We all know breakups are hard, just follow these tips as well as other useful and counter-intuitive steps to getting your ex back and getting your life back in tip top shape.

Click Here for THE BEST GUIDE to Survive Your Breakup and Thrive!

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