Being Dumped By Text – Text Breakup

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Click Here to Text Your Way Back To Your Ex

You receive the text.  “8s ovr”. Being Dumped By Text! You’re in shock and you just can’t believe that you’ve just been dumped via the phone SMS. As terrible as it sounds, being dumped by text is one of the top worst ways to break off with someone. And if that someone is you, read this article to find out what you can do to get yourself back on your feet and happy again.

Being Dumped By Text: First things, first. Since your ex broke up with you via text, it truly speaks volumes about that person you thought had loved you. Sending tender love notes and messages via text can be a romantic cute and fun way to show your love. But breaking up via text just cuts deep like a knife.  It leaves the other person feeling alone and rejected. As if unworthy for a personal and sincere breakup.

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Being Dumped By Text: What the %$#$?

You don’t want to be in a relationship with this type of person. You really do deserve someone that can see you face to face and discuss why the relationship has to end. That is the mature way and should leave both parties with a sense of closure.  Texting a breakup shows that your ex is NOT the right person for you.

Being Dumped By Text???

Here are some things to keep in mind if you were dumped via text message.

  • Don’t panic.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Don’t panic.

We all have a sense of shock when we realize that we’ve just been dumped. You ex is wondering and waiting for you to do one of two things, get angry or acting desperate. Please follow this advice. Don’t panic and wait it out. Yes, emotions are running pretty high and things are haywire. But you have to keep your cool. If you a.) want to have a chance to get back with your ex. b.) have a sense of control for this runaway train wreck.

Being Dumped By Text Mistake: Getting Angry

Yes, you have every right to be pissed off. Angry, Livid. In fact, you ex is just waiting to see what you reply. Its human nature. You don’t want to come off as being the crazy violent ex that is crazy. Then your ex will feel justified for their actions.  Instead, keep cool and keep collected. You should tell and express your feelings to your friends and family but by no means express that to your ex. It’s a test of willpower and you, my friend, will win.

Being Dumped By Text Mistake: Acting Desperate

The second course of action that your ex is expecting is a sign of desperation. Begging, pleading and asking for a second change WILL NOT help you get you ex back unless you cheated.  Your ex will not find it cute or appealing that you grovel your way back into their arms. In fact, it WILL drive them away faster than garlic on your breath. You need to draw some air of mystery and show your ex that you CAN and WILL be fine without them. Right now, its impossible to believe that, but it will happen.

So the best thing right now is not to do anything.  Silence will speak volumes to your ex that you just are either too busy or able to get along without them.  Don’t worry, if you do feel like texting or you have already texted back. Just relax and let some time pass to help cool things off and let your heart heal.

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