Why Women Dump Men?

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Click Here to Avoid Getting Dumped

“I’ll love you forever!” she says. But a few months to a year, she’s calling it quits. Let’s see why women dump men. Whether it’s time off or space she needs, a break up is a break up. Hard to swallow but it hurts. You start wondering WHY, WHY WHY? This article will help work through the confusion of being dumped.

Why Women Dump Men: You Cheated!

One of the top reasons why women dump men is TRUST. If you cheated, this break up is your fault. But even though you cheated, you still can get your ex back. We’ll cover this later on. Initially in the beginning of your relationship, you started to build up the trust between the two of you. Possibly starting off as friends and leading up to a full blown relationship.

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Why Women Dump Men: You’re a Wussy

If you didn’t cheat, there could be another reason why you’re single again. She just outgrew you. Sorry, buddy, but the excitement and the spark is gone.  Being overly clingy and predictable will kill your relationship quicker than anything else. Women are counterintuitive and need to be challenged from time to time. Don’t worry if you broke up because she met someone else “more” exciting, you still can get your ex back. Although, the window of opportunity is closing. the best thing for you is to STOP and assess your own behavior and reaction right now.

Why Women Dump Men: “Where are we going?”

By now, you have two major reasons why women leave men. If you don’t fall into the two categories above, here’s another reason why women dump their significant other. It’s commitment. Women by nature want to ensure that they will be provided for and that they have the partner they can count on in the future. If your ex had wanted to settle and you thought otherwise, think again. By not making a clear direction of your commitment, you appear to be emotionally absent. Women, being emotional creatures will decide to find safe haven elsewhere leaving you all by yourself.  Also, by taking thing too slow, the feelings and patience might just fizzle and fade away.

Why Women Dump Men: Show Me the Money!

So, you think your God gift to women and your such the nicest guy. Well, if the reasons above don’t; resonate to why your ex broke up wit you. Here’s another reason. MONEY. Yes, its not something we like to talk about. But financial security is a major quality that women look for in a man. Their biological nature and survival instinct wants to be sure that you are able to provide to for the future and make sure the future is secure. We are not talking about millions of dollars here. She just wanted to know that you have the potential to be able to provide.

Now, if you still find yourself pushing the same 9 to 5 and she see you not working up to your potential, she may feel she has outgrown you.  This may not be the case, and you can still get her back. But you need to follow some critical steps to be able to get her back. Even though, you feel that you can’t get her back, that you will change and make things better. STOP, and think about why she had called it quits. The breakup phrase is an indication that something has to change.

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